Get Ready For Disaster Alley!

The Annual Cargo Bike Race Is An Olympic Style Event Inviting the Entire Emergency Management Community to Gather Together And Face The Grueling Challenges Of "Disaster Alley"

The Rise Of Cargo Bikes Is A Blessing In Disguise When Disaster Strikes 


With all the interest in connecting cargo bikes to disaster as a way of empowering citizens to remain mobile during a crisis, cargo bikes now play a direct role in disaster response efforts. The iEPN annual cargo bike racing event, is a four day and three night Olympic style experience. An experience whereby Challengers in and among the emergency management community (both public sector and private sector) year after year gather together to face the grueling encounters of “Disaster Alley”.

Cargo bikes are used to haul everything from yard debris for landscape projects to medical products in post disaster scenarios. Every year a small contingent of the Portland bicycling community, gather together aimed and determinded to add “emergency supply vehicle” to the long list of functions performed by cargo bikes.

After a disaster strikes, one of the most important tasks is getting help and supplies to those who need it. But when impassable conditions like debris or rock-slides prevent response vehicles from reaching known survivors, we believe that cargo bikes can play an instrumental role in removing what emergency managers refer to as the “Heavy Lifting” every time a catastrophic event occurs.

A Cargo Bikes carrying 150 pounds can go many, places that a vehicle can’t.

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Portland Office of Emergency Management

To test the feasibility of including bicycles as an official component of a large municipal disaster response effort, the Portland Office of Emergency Management sponsored this year’s Disaster Relief Trials. Participating riders were tasked with locating and retrieving emergency supplies along a 30-mile route around the city of Portland, and then returning the supplies to the starting location. Along the way, various obstacles were set up to simulate real-world disaster scenarios.

The Annual Event is a Revenue Engine and Awareness Program Supporting

Community Resiliency Efforts

Disaster Alley (to be held in Las Vegas NV at the Motor Speedway) invites the Cargo Bike Racers (CBR) to participate in this “Annual-National-News-Worthy-Event.” designed to demonstrate the capabilities of cargo bikes as an alternative means of transportation. And too see who takes home the iconic trophy as champion of “Disaster Alley.”


The Cargo Bike Races is a remarkable opportunity for building public-private-partnerships for two reason's. 

  • Number One, the iEPN is a "Revenue Engine" brought forth by a multifaceted public-private partnership; Allowing Legacy Partners and Sponsors to ​unequivocally participate in Marketing and Branding concepts designed specifically for the iEPN theme and Community Resiliency movement. 
  • Number two, is how "Disaster Alley" in many ways redefine's the processes of developing and implementing Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Recovery.  The media and advertising frenzies surrounding this event bolsters disaster awareness and emergency preparedness, or simply put it is a physical force engaged in contributing to the efforts of building community resiliency.